In so many areas of life, the Internet has upended the way things are done. It has changed the way we consume media, consume news, exchange information, and share our cultures with an entire world. It’s no surprise that it has changed the way artists work and communicate with each other and our audiences. People have gone from buying art in New York galleries to having an infinite gallery accessible from their couch.

I think this is fantastic.

But one of the big questions as an artist is how to find the people that want to buy your art and support you. One of the big questions as an art collector is how to find artists whose work you love. Now a Swiss duo has taken inspiration from dating apps like Tindr to create a platform where you can swipe right on the art you love.

I hope I got that right – I don’t really know how those things work.

Anyway – wydr is a new platform where you can browse through paintings and find the ones you love and buy them. All in one convenient little app! Here is what they have to say:

Why does it have to be so difficult to be original and to find affordable but still unique art for our homes? Most people are tired of generic posters from furniture stores and the intimidating way that you are treated in classic galleries with only little money in your pockets. At the same time artists have problems with getting exposure for their work. The question art lovers and artists are confronted with is why does it need to be so hard to find each other? The answer is wydr – the open art-trading platform, and your easy access to the art world.

I’ve looked through some of the work on the site, not all – there’s a lot to go through, and some of it is really good. Some of it is… not to my taste. But that’s great, because I’m sure it will appeal to someone out there.

So if you like to collect art, in this case paintings, I would recommend giving wydr a try. They don’t sell photography at this time, so if you want to buy that, you’ll just need to send me an email 😉